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NewsCharlotte Flair On Andrade & Ric Flair Leaving WWE, More

Charlotte Flair On Andrade & Ric Flair Leaving WWE, More



Charlotte Flair recently took the time to speak with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport. During her media appearance, Flair would touch on a variety of topics.

You can check out some highlights below:

On wanting to be a mum and have a family: “No, I want babies. I am such a planner, I know you can’t all the time. But seeing Ronda and Becky both with a family on the road it’s very.. not inspiring, but like, you can have it all as a woman in this industry and they’re showing everyone that. I guess it’s like, when is the right time to take a break, when is the right time to leave? But I still want to do this, I’ve been on top since 2015. Good, bad, or indifferent storylines, but I definitely want all of that.”

On planning for her wedding with Andrade: “We have a date. It’s this summer in Mexico, I have my dress. I think Manny (Andrade) would be a little angry if I walked down the aisle with my title. He was like, ‘Mami, for the wedding, I do not want your hair to look like Charlotte.’ I was like, ‘what does that mean?’ Just less makeup, he likes the fresh face.”

On how she felt after Andrade and Ric Flair exited WWE: “[It was] A little difficult at first, because I was like, ‘my two best friends are gone.’ But now I am just used to it. It sucked because they’re my people, they would do anything for me, you know, go to bat. But Manny had to make career decisions, and seeing him do so well is so important. My dad comes and goes, that wasn’t as hard.

“It’s just hard to see the couples in the back get to have that time together. And I would do anything to have that time with Manny because that’s how we met, was on the road. But him being happy, to me, is what’s important, and he knows how much this means to me. It’s just making the schedules work, and we will do anything to make it work. I just don’t have that ride or die from town to town.”

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