Charlotte Flair On WWE Referee Incident – ‘I Apologized Profusely Backstage’


When Charlotte Flair made her return to WWE as a babyface and captured the SmackDown Women’s Title, she gave a heel reaction to the referee.

Speaking to Fightful during a WrestleMania 39 media scrum, the reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion says she apologized to the ref immediately following the match.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On her reaction when she was told she’d be winning the title her first night back: “This isn’t the first time [laughs]. What, me? I think I was excited, but my only hesitation was, winning it off the bat, I truly felt like people had missed me, feels heelish in itself. Heelish by default, but the audience was so great and I was like, ‘it’s an opportunity, go with it.’ I felt like winning it off of Ronda that way did make sense considering payback is a bitch from breaking my arm.”

On snatching the title from the ref like a heel: “I apologized profusely backstage. That was just habit, ‘Give me that title, I’m leaving.’ Old habits die hard. [laughs]”

On what she was expecting for the night: “I think it was just being back, because I had never been gone that long. Just coming out with an entrance, whether it was Ronda or another opponent, just setting up something for the future and being like, ‘Hey, I’m back,’ kind of felt like enough.”

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