Charlotte Flair Reveals How She Got Into Pro-Wrestling, Discusses Her Transition From A Heel To A Face & How Her Father Motivates Her


Former 4-time RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair spoke with the Ottawa Citizen recently to promote the upcoming SmackDown Live event at the Canadian Tire Center on Sunday night.

Here’s what was discussed during the interview:

How Charlotte Got Into Pro-Wrestling:

“To me, it was just my dad’s job and I liked taking my volleyball team to his matches. You know what’s crazy to me, it’s so surreal that I do this. I would have never thought in high school or college that I’d be where I am today. It was destiny I guess. It was April 2012, when The Four Horsemen were inducted (into the WWE Hall of Fame). I was in Miami with my little brother and my dad. My little brother had been wanting to wrestle, he was working the independent circle. One of the agents at the time, Johnny Laurinaitis, was like, ‘Why aren’t you doing this?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know.’  It wasn’t something I ever thought about and dreamed about, it was my brother’s dream. I’m just happy I took a chance and he opened the doors for me to something I never thought would be possible.”

Transitioning From A Heel To A Babyface:

“When I debuted on the main roster, people just hated me. They were booing me. Social media got to me a bit. They were like, ‘She’s just there because she’s Ric Flair’s daughter.’ I was like, ‘Why doesn’t anybody like me?’ It really got to me. I had to make an executive decision and commit to being what people thought I was. If they think I’m going to be that way, act that way. So it was about committing to being: ‘Yeah, I’m Ric Flair’s daughter, yeah the dirtiest player in the game, yeah I’m entitled, yeah I got here without having to do anything.’ Now, I just know how to turn up. It was more about understanding you’re just playing a role.”

“Since I am a babyface now, I am going to put all my energy into being the best babyface ever. My comfort zone and where I feel most natural is being a heel. My character could stay the same and people like my character versus disliking it. It’s more me trying to figure out how that works and staying true to my character regardless of what side I’m on. I do feel more comfortable as a heel, but I’m taking the babyface challenge on as much as I can.”

How Her Dad Has Motivated Her:

“It’s what has motivated and pushed me and been a constant force or reason to continue to get better every day. ust thinking of what an icon he is, wondering if there wasn’t a Ric Flair, what some of the entertainers today would be like. Little kids now, it’s crazy of me to think they’re wooing because it’s me. Really, it’s their parents wooing because of my dad.”

The Growth Of The Women’s Division:

“With the women’s soccer team, with Serena Williams and Ronda Rousey and people like that and our audience wanting more for us, I just think I happened to be in the right place and the right time for women’s wrestling to really take off. A lot of that has to do with having more defined characters. We’re being given more meaningful storylines and more time. You can’t tell a storyline without having the time and I think that’s really what helped catapult the women’s division to where we are today.”

The Grind Of Being A WWE Superstar:

“Canadians are very dedicated. Montreal and Toronto are two of my favorite cities to work in, especially with TV coming to Toronto Tuesday. I think the crowd is going to be rowdy. The first thing I always want to tell people is we are in a different city five days a week, it’s not glamorous. Driving from town to town, living in hotels, sometimes not going home during the week because you have an appearance, you really have to be dedicated to do this job, we don’t have an off-season. Every other sport has an off-season, it just goes to show how tough we are.”


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