Charlotte Flair Says She Doesn’t Want To Be On Screen With Her Dad Anymore


During a recent interview with The Hindustan Times, Charlotte Flair commented on working on TV with her father Ric Flair, not wanting to do that anymore, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what makes her matches with Asuka special: “I think it has to do with how much I respect her as a performer and as a human. I believe going into WrestleMania 34, Asuka had nothing to prove. She had made a name for herself, travelled all around the world, come from Japan and had the longest unbeaten streak in WWE history. And I felt like if I beat her that would cement my legacy. When we faced off, it was like she had nothing to lose and I had everything to prove. Since last year’s WrestleMania, she has been the MVP of Raw. We feel like we are always shoulder to shoulder. She is one of the greatest I have ever faced.”

On if Vince McMahon talks in her ear when she does guest commentary: “No one is buzzing me in my ear. I have known Byron Saxton and Corey Graves for a very long time. It was just great to be out there with them, feeling as confident as ever. No, Vince doesn’t buzz me in my ear about anything.”

On the Ric Flair/Lacey Evans storyline: “It wasn’t so much about Lacey. It is very difficult with my dad. I had an extensive amount of time off for the first time ever in my career, I was eager and excited to come back and start fresh. I wanted to add layers to my characters as I felt stale. I wanted these changes. When my dad got brought into the picture, I was like man it’ss 2021 and I don’t want to share the screen with my dad. I am Charlotte Flair now, I am no longer Ric Flair’s daughter, that’s Charlotte’s dad. I was like why I do have to be on TV with my dad. I don’t want anyone to think that is selfish, anyone would love to share screen with their dad. But if anyone’s followed my career, all I have done since day one is pave my own legacy. Yes, I do a lot of his personal trademarks but it is also to acknowledge me as a separate performer. So that’s why I was frustrated at home because selfishly I wanted the screen for myself and not with my dad.”

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