Charlotte Flair Says She Only Believes In The “Old” Alexa Bliss, More


WWE RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair was interviewed on today’s episode of WWE’s “The Bump” and discussed her opponent at tonight’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view event – Alexa Bliss. Charlotte says she only believes in the “old” Alexa Bliss and not the crazy one who likes to play with dolls, etc.

You can check out some highlights from the show below:

Charlotte Flair on seeing the dolls as distractions: “No. No, I mean, the dolls to me aren’t mind games, they’re just distractions. Distractions that she’s not championship material anymore because she’s not the old Alexa Bliss… We’re here for the title, not the dolls. It’s that simple.”

On believing in the old Alexa Bliss: “I believe in Alexa Bliss. I believe in the old Alexa Bliss. The Raw Women’s Champion. This Alexa Bliss I don’t believe in. That’s why when she was trying to say, ‘Who’s Charlotte Flair without the title?’ I was kind of like, ‘Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.’”

On seeing Bliss mean girl persona come back out last Monday: “No, I think that what we saw last Monday on Raw on the playground was the most Alexa Bliss we’ve seen in a long time. We were on the playground, there was no hocus-pocus, and she cut this mean girl promo. I’m like, ‘Yes, the mean girl is back. Be mean. Challenge me with your words instead of the lights, the dolls, the action.’ I think I am humanizing her. I’m like, ‘Tell me how you really feel.’ There was no diversion, it was just her using mean girl words and I took it at face value.”

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