Charlotte Flair Says WrestleMania 36 May Be The Most-Watched WrestleMania Ever, More


During a recent interview with “TMZ Live”, Charlotte Flair commented on working WrestleMania 36, Rob Gronkowski hosting the show, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Rob Gronkowski hosting the show: “One, I have a lot of respect for Gronk with what he’s done with his athletic career but I always say this. We as performers always make this look easy, but just because you’re a talented athlete does not mean you’re going to succeed in the ring. Now, I’m so excited to have him as part of the team, but I have no idea what his in-ring career will look like.”


On why the pressure is still on for WrestleMania: “You know it’s crazy because everyone’s talking about how there’s no audience, there’s not going to be 80, 90, 100 thousand people, but I still feel just as much pressure because listening to you guys talk in the intro — this might be the most-watched WrestleMania because 1) there’s no programming right now for sporting events. And the people that were traveling for WrestleMania and it being two nights, the pressure is on to deliver without the audience and people enjoying watching the crowd reactions because I feel like that’s part of what makes makes WrestleMania so special. And knowing that there’s a possibility that more people might be watching.

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