Charlotte Flair Speaks On Her Dream Match, Facing Bayley, Royal Rumble


RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair recently spoke with CraveOnline to promote Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV event. Here are the highlights.

CraveOnline: Who would be your dream match?

“My dream match would be “Queen vs. Queen” Stephanie McMahon. But who’s going to be the good guy [laughs]. It will be evil vs. evil.”

CraveOnline: At the Royal Rumble this Sunday, you, the ultimate heel, are defending your championship against the ultimate babyface in Bayley. What are your thoughts heading into this Sunday?

“I’m just really excited. The story itself and being able to use real life aspects to add to the build has been a lot of fun. On Raw a couple of weeks ago, when we showed the real photos of her with superstars, that was actually really her journal. It has been a lot of fun for each of us to play our parts of good guy and bad guy and having a definitive line between the two.”

CraveOnline: You’re the “queen of WWE PPVs” due to being undefeated at PPVs. Was that something that occurred organically and at what point did you realize you had never lost at a PPV?

“It definitely organically happened. I didn’t even know about it until one of the ESPN guys said that I was undefeated and I was like ‘what?’ Then it just turned into a thing. It was never something we ever talked about it or hoped for. With this particular rivalry with Bayley, I’ve used it a lot more but prior to that I wasn’t counting them. For me, I’m more stressed about how am I going to top the last PPV and wanting another PPV. In my opinion, you think it would get easier because you’ve been more exposed and have more repetition but for me, it just gets harder.”


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