Chavo Guerrero Comments On Vince McMahon Asking Him What To Do After Eddie Died


During a recent interview with the Chris Van Vliet show, Chavo Guerrero commented on Vince McMahon seeking his guidance on whether to hold a show or not after Eddie Guerrero passed away, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Vince McMahon seeking his guidance about what to do after Eddie died: “After Eddie passed, Vince — actually, Vince, Triple H, Shawn Michaels all came to me at Eddie’s hotel room and were in the hallway, and they were like ‘What do I do?’ Vince goes, ‘Do I cancel the show?’ And I’m like, ‘Ab-so-lutely not. Eddie would never have wanted you to cancel the show. The show must go on, we have to do the show’ … I can’t say that I made the final decision [but] they wanted my opinion on it. And whether he would have taken it or not? It’s up to him, it’s his show. But I told him, ‘No! You don’t do that, absolutely not. Whether you do a tribute show or whatever, the show goes on. And I want to wrestle. And he said, ‘All right.’ And I came out that night as Chavo Guerrero with blond hair.”

On wrestling that show: “You know, I was guided. I felt that Eddie was there with me, I was guided through it. Plus I had JBL, wanted to wrestle me and put me over. So you know, he’s a guy that loved Eddie. I loved Eddie, we all did. So you know, the fans were behind [me], it was like I couldn’t do anything wrong that night. I look back at that match, it was just super-special, man. Super special, to just get in that ring and just performing. And Mick Foley, I think maybe a couple weeks afterward. He wasn’t even with the company, but when I saw him after somewhere, he goes, ‘Chavo, when you climbed up for that frog splash at the end of that match and you hit that frog splash, one two three.’ He goes, ‘That was such a special moment.’”

On paying homage to Eddie after that: “Yeah, for sure, man. I mean, that’s when I adopted using some of Eddie’s moves, you know. Before, I would do them as a dig? Like, you know, to get heat. Any time anybody else does a — you know, if you do a Pedigree the first [thing] people think, is they’re gonna think Triple H … You don’t want to do the move and have them think of another wrestler. But in this case with Eddie’s moves? The Three Amigos and the Frog Splash, I want them chanting ‘Eddie.’ Still to this day, they’ll do it. Every match I have, I get an ‘Eddie’ chant. Every single match.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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