Chavo Guerrero Sr. Talks: Nancy Grace / Warrior Controversy, Eddie Guerrero & More


Former WWE star, Chavo Guerrero Sr. And Jose Luis Rivera spoke with Tommy Fierro of Who’s Slamming Who. Chavo Sr. Talked about Nancy Grace, wrestling promotions outside of WWE and more. Check it out below:

His thoughts on the Nancy Grace / Warrior Controversy: She did not know the facts. It’s not only in wrestling, [but] it’s in a lot of other stuff. I stopped listening to her and never really enjoyed her. She’s just not my type of journalist. Not only in wrestling, [but] many other subjects she speaks out of turn. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Let’s put it this way. She doesn’t research to know what she’s talking about. She just says things out of [context]. She’s an idiot. She’s an imbecile. It’s not because she said something about wrestling. Sure, some of us have dealt with steroids … The point was not about steroids. The point was that all these wrestlers that have not died from steroids were put in the same category. That’s just not fair to the families. 

His thoughts on any other wrestling promotion (ROH, TNA) than WWE and if he watches them: The only company really out there is WWE. They’re #1. If you don’t want to work for them [then] you’re a fool. We’re still not receiving what we should as professional athletes. As much money as WWE makes, it’s by far the best-paid company out there, unless you’ve got some sort of a deal in Japan. And those are few and far between, and more and more [rare] every day. 

Why does he have a strained relationship with Eddie Guerrero’s family: We don’t stay in touch that much. They’ve chosen to be like that. Why? I don’t know. I have no idea. Ever since Eddie [Guerrero] passed our relationships have not been there. But I hear [my niece Shaul, aka WWE’s Raquel Diaz] is doing good. I talk to her once in a while. No, I have not been following her career. The main reason being that I didn’t teach her. If you want to be the best [wrestler], you [should] come to a Guerrero. Especially if you’re a Guerrero. But she had that opportunity to go to WWE. I guess she’s doing good. She’s still got a contract. That’s all good. That’s as much as I can say about my niece.

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