Saturday, February 24, 2024
NewsChavo Guerrero Takes Shot At John Cena, JR/FCW

Chavo Guerrero Takes Shot At John Cena, JR/FCW



— Chavo Guerrero tweeted the following today, taking several shots at John Cena: “Lets get something straight. not jealous of Cena.I just think he sucks as a wrestler.Good on the mic though.I think @CMPunk &Orton are good. For everyone who disagreed, 20 ppl agreed with me. Thank u to the ppl who have opened their eyes & stopped drinking the Cena kool-aid”

— Jim Ross tweeted the following this afternoon: “Heading over to huddle w/ Dusty Rhodes. Working on a TV project together for WWE.” Ross is down at FCW today scouting talents.

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