Chavo Guerrero Tweets On The Hemme/Aries Incident


Chavo Guerrero has chimed in on the Austin Aries/Christy Hemme situation, and the report that Mark Madden posted where he got quotes from a Spike TV Executive. Here is what Guerrero posted on Twitter…

Great Job @MarkMaddenX for watering down wrestling even more. God forbid that a wrestler breaks out of the typical mold of being so scared

To show his personality on TV. U must’ve been going crazy during the “attitude era” with every cutting edge thing that Vince did!

& for the record, I saw Hemme after that segment, & she didn’t look bothered at all. Just saying…I was there

I’m the 1st one to stick up for women’s rights….but I stick up for EVERYONE’s rights. Men, women, children & animals!

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