Check Out A Brand New Photo Of CM Punk, Sean Waltman Discusses The Wyatt Family


— Former WWE and TNA
Superstar Sean “X-Pac” Waltman tweeted the following today regarding The Wyatt
Family and their heel heat:

“I’m watching Usos
vs Harper/Rowan.So far it’s everything a hell of a tag match should be. Loved
the1st fall finish right out of the hot tag. Harper’s timing is really good.
Nice job filling space. Usos vs Harper/Rowan was excellent. I give Usos extra
credit for having to be baby faces against Wyatt Family-Bray, which I can’t
label heel. The Wyatt act is too hot to be booed. If you’re looking for real
heel heat, the heels can’t do sweet ass suicide dives & double superplexes.
But right about now F the pure heel heat;). I’d rather have an act that’s that
over on my roster than a team that are ‘Really good

— Juliet Simms posted the following pic to Instagram of herself and CM
Punk prepping to film the pre-show for the AP Music Awards that air

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