Check Out A Live Report From Mick Foley’s Comedy Show In California Last Night


Credit: Adnan Kureishy and

I was on the fence about going to Mick Foley’s comedy show, until I listened
to him on the Steve Austin Show on the same day he was going to be a stone’s
throw away from me at the famous Brea Improv. I decided what the hell, and
called up the Improv and found out there were still tickets available. A couple
of friends of mine and I went and I’m pretty sure tickets must’ve sold out or
got close to sold out as the 300 person capacity venue appeared to be filled
very well.

The show opened with a very good opening stand up comic whose name I sadly
don’t remember but did very well telling wrestling related jokes and even
resorted at one point just naming wrestling moves to pop the audience including
the infamous Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza! He warmed up the crowd
well and introduced Mick Foley to a huge pop and Foley chants.

Foley went on stage and told us his show wasn’t so much a stand up comedy
show but more so a night of wrestling stories that happen to be funny or told
humorously. And that even the girlfriends/wives and non-wrestling fans in the
audience would realize “Hey, this guy doesn’t suck” and enjoy the show. The show
was filled bottom to top with a ton of laughs, great humorous stories, a couple
of Al Snow burials (of course), and concluded with a Q&A for a little bit
before telling the last story of the night where he dropped the one “F bomb” he
promised he would drop.

Foley received a huge applause by the end of the show and would be available
for a meet and greet after the show where he would sign and sell merchandise. My
friend and I entered the line in a relatively good spot as it seemed as at least
75 percent of the crowd stayed to meet Foley. The line moved sort of slowly and
when we got to the front I realized it moved slow since Foley really took his
time being friendly with everyone there.

Funny thing is while we were in line (and I didn’t realize until afterward),
I looked at a video I took that TNA’s Abyss/Joseph Park was in attendance to
support Foley. When we met Mick. He was very kind and he signed my old TNA 8×10
that I didn’t get signed from him at Bound for Glory in 2009 and took pictures
and gave headlocks at request. All in all Mick Foley’s show is very funny and I
think something lifelong pro wrestling fans should go and support if they have
the opportunity.

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