Check Out Some Videos Of Chris Jericho Praising DDP Yoga + A Lesnar/Sable Fan Encounter


— Last week, we posted a video of a woman trying to
meet Brock Lesnar and Sable at the Miami airport. You can see that video below.
The woman’s husband explained what happened:

“Saori went up to Brock and ask if he was
Brock Lesnar… Brock first didn’t hear her until Sable said to Brock” I think
she is talking to you”, then Brock turn around and looked at Saori and asked
“How are you?”, Saori said fine and she ask him”Are you Brock Lesnar?” He said
“Yes” and then she ask “Can i take a picture with you?” And he said “No, not
today”, Saori then said thank you and walked away … .. I told Saori it was ok
… No worries .. -It was still cool to see him and see my wife talk to

— DDP sent out the following video featuring Chris
Jericho discussing how “DDP Yoga” has helped him:

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