Chelsea Green Continues to Call Out Fans Over Zack Ryder Chants


We reported yesterday here on eWn that Chelsea Green wasn’t happy with fans chanting her fiancée’s (Zack Ryder) name during her matches. She went into more detail today, saying the following,

“Pricks like you are the reason women with successful partners have to work 10x harder to prove themselves. Google me. I didn’t see Zack Ryder winning the impact title for me. I didn’t see Zack Ryder wrestling Penta for me. Didn’t see him breaking bones instead of me. BOY BYE. I don’t think people understand how disrespectful it is to undermine my hard work. Tweeting about my partner, calling out his name or chant while I’m wrestling, etc… is doing just that. I’ve said this before but clearly it needs to be said again – stop! I love my man. I’m proud of him and proud to be with him, but our careers are separate. I’ve built my name by myself with my own blood, sweat and tears. Any success I achieve will be because of ME.”

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