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NewsChelsea Green Reacts To Transitioning To A Tag Team With Piper Niven

Chelsea Green Reacts To Transitioning To A Tag Team With Piper Niven



Chelsea Green and Piper Niven lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships to Katana Chance and Kayden Carter on the December 18th edition of WWE RAW.

In a recent interview with Spencer Love’s “Love Wrestling” website, Chelsea discussed moving into a tag team with Piper as a result of Sonya Deville’s injury earlier this year.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On working with Carmella and Sonya Deville as tag team partners: “Even before those two, I had Carmella before she got pregnant with Dimitri. That was an experience in itself. It was very much like a little mean girl clique [with] two very aesthetically pleasing characters. Then I went on to Sonya, where we really didn’t know how we fit together. We knew we had to make it work, we just didn’t know how. I think at the end of the day, that ended up being what bonded us was the fact that, you know, just our history and the fact that we knew we had to make this work, because this is our dream. Then, moving on from that after Sonya was injured, which was so heartbreaking, definitely for her, but also for me. I had grown so close to her, and she was kind of my comfort blanket at work at this new job.”

On transitioning to a team with Piper Niven: “Then, moving on and not knowing who I was going to be with, when they said I was going to be with Piper. What a lot of people don’t know is that I actually lived in Japan with Piper and we wrestled for STARDOM together. So, we did have a history, we already had a friendship. That was actually, out of the three, probably the easiest one to slip into. However, you know, we are not the same wrestler, we are not the same person. That’s something that you have seen day in and day out in the ring [is] us trying to work on. I mean, even in Des Moines, Iowa, like we were not on the same page. We may have lost the titles, but doesn’t mean we’re not going to get them back. Who knows? Maybe going into this year’s Royal Rumble, I now have some backup in Piper that might play into something in there. I don’t know, depending on what number we are.”

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