Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green Says Skye Blue Is Going To Be The Next ‘Hot Thing’ In Wrestling


Impact Wrestling’s Chelsea Green was recently interviewed by Sescoops to talk about several professional wrestling topics, including who the next stars to watch in professional wrestling are.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On who are the stars to watch in professional wrestling:

“Well, definitely Masha [Slamovich]. Masha, you’re going to see her come up. Lady Frost, you’re going to see her come up really quick. I can just tell they’re going to be future champions. And then I’ve never wrestled Skye Blue, but I really think that she is going to be the next hot thing.”

On forgetting one name:

“There’s someone I’m missing. Damn, and I’m really going to regret this. And whoever you are, I swear when this comes out, I will tweet at you. There’s someone else that I’m just like, Oh my God, she’s so damn good and I am going to kick myself right now. But those three we’re going to name for now.”

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