​CHIKARA Superstar Set To Retire Later This Month – Details


CHIKARA Superstar Johnny Kidd will wrestle at CHIKARA’s Chamber of Secrets event later this month in what is being billed as his retirement match. Kidd, who is 60 years old, will face Mike Quackenbush in a “World of Sport” style match that will feature eight three-minute rounds. Following the match, he’ll be retiring from the pro wrestling business.

CHIKARA’s Chamber of Secrets event will take place on May 28th from Manchester, England.

The following matches and talents are confirmed:

– Princess Kimber Lee, Heidi Lovelace, Fire Ant and Soldier Ant vs. Hallowicked, Frightmare and The Batiri

– Advertised talent include Lucas Calhoun, Ophidian, Hermit Crab, Los Ice Creams, Icarus, Officer Warren Barksdale and Chuck Taylor

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