Chris Adonis Comments On His Issues With Hardcore Holly In WWE, More


During a recent interview with Metro UK, former WWE Superstar Chris “Chris Masters” Adonis commented on his backstage heat with Hardcore Holly in WWE, what caused it, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On missing an OVW taping while Holly was there: “So, he knew that I’d missed it – again, that’s a whole other story, but he already had a bad impression of me. So, I go with the OVW crew to visit SmackDown so they can see the talent before the show and what not. I’m making way round backstage, I greeted mostly everyone I’ve come in contact with. But I walk through the locker room and I’m just walking straight to my bag and I don’t see out of the corner of my eye, but Bob Holly’s there and he’s having a conversation with a couple of other vets. I went straight to my bag, and Bob already had a bad taste in his mouth about me but he took that like I was shunning him or not showing him respect. When really, I wouldn’t say it was that at all.”

On Holly being angry with him: ‘He got really angry, man. He’s cutting promos on me. He was trying to get that [match] switched to me, essentially so he could rough me up, probably chop the s**t out of me and all of that. I was just really worried, like, ‘Oh man, will I be able to withstand this?’ It was just really a mindf**k. But on the drive home I realized, ‘This is what you wanted to do, this is your dream. This is what you’ve wanted to do your whole life, so you don’t have any other option, you gotta push forward and you gotta learn from this.’”

On the lesson he learned: “You eventually learn all these lessons as you go. You learn to make sure you shake people’s hands. And if you don’t, you take a mental note and whenever you’re within the region of them or lock eyes with them, you make sure you get that in. It’s just a way of showing respect, but there’s a lot of little things like that I did when I was breaking in that got me a little heat!”

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