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NewsChris Bey Comments On His PWI Ranking, Says He Feels Disrespected

Chris Bey Comments On His PWI Ranking, Says He Feels Disrespected



Impact Wrestling star Chris Bey spoke with Sportskeeda in regards to his PWI ranking, saying that he felt very disrespected. You can listen to the full interview below:

On being ranked 202 in the PWI #500 Rankings: “I mean, If we’re being honest I was disrespected by my spot on the list. Because I definitely felt like I’ve earned a better spot than that. And you can call it arrogance, you can call it whatever you want. I call it just being confident and knowing exactly what I put into my work and what I put into the business, and how much I sacrificed and my level of performance. I promise you that if you haven’t seen it already, that I’m one of the best wrestlers in the world, one of the best entertainers in the world. And I think that no matter whether it was a 200 spot jump or not, they missed the mark on a lot of important details.”

On his issue with the piece: “If you like at the article that they wrote on me, I think it was very inaccurate. And I think it didn’t say anything about who I am. They chose to talk about a job I had when I was 17 years old for a summer job during my high school years rather than talk about what I accomplished in the last year, which — for someone aged 23 transitioning over to 24 being three years in the business and doing what I did last year was a lot. And for them to skip over all that, it was disrespectful, it was slap in the face. But you know, who cares? Some people care about that stuff, I care about more important things like what I’m actually doing in life, and not what people are trying to write about what I’m doing.”

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