Chris Bey Comments On Impact Final Resolution And Super J-Cup


Impact Wrestling star Chris Bey was interviewed on the “Black Rasslin'” podcast and discussed Impact’s Final Resolution event, COVID-19 and the Super J-Cup. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On not competing as much in 2020 due to COVID-19: “This has been a weird year for everybody. So for me, you know, I was averaging somewhere around 100 or more matches a year. And with everything that happened this year minimizing that to like cut in half. I think I had like 50, 55 matches this year. And then having 95% of them being off of TV. You know, not to say that my growth was stunted, but to a degree it was. So I’ve been just as critical of my work as anybody. So every time something is out there of mine, I’m watching it back and I’m hoping that I feel as strong as I want to feel about it. I still want to grow though, you know. I don’t think that I’m at the best of my ability in the ring — I think I’m at my current best, as far as what I can provide right now.”

On fans’ reception of his work in 2020: “It’s cool that everything that I’m doing is being recepted well and that people are seeing that, and thinking positive things about me. It just shows that I’m going in the right direction of where I want to go. Which is progress rather than there’d be a lot of hype around me and then when the time comes, people are like, ‘Yeah I don’t see what people see in this guy,’ or I’m just not producing my best quality work. I think what we just saw this past month with the Super J-Cup and the match with Rich Swann [at Final Resolution], has been my very best work. And I think to do it without audiences too? I think that has something to be said to the conversation as well.”

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