Chris Harris
Chris Harris

Chris Harris On Why He Didn’t Sign For WWF After WCW Buyout


During a recent appearance on the ‘It’s My Wrestling’ podcast, former seven time NWA Tag Team Champion and TNA Original Chris Harris explained why it was that he didn’t join WWF from WCW. When WWF completed the buyout of WCW in 2001, a lot of talent moved over to Vince McMahon’s promotion. Harris was one of those who didn’t.

Harris would explain:


“That was such a confusing time for everybody. When they (WWF) bought the company obviously a lot of the top guys had their contracts secured and so they they were able to sit it out for a while and a lot of the top mid card guys are the ones that they hired. So there were so much shuffling going on and there I was, of course I was still one of the low guys on the totem pole. So I don’t think I was even on their radar to be honest with you. I know a lot of the guys that were there, they were trying to build at the time. They did take and send some to developmental and I’m talking about guys like Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire.

So a lot of the guys that they were looking to build were just pretty much sent to developmental. Then they just took the pick of the litter but I was even lower than that. I don’t even think I was on the radar. So none of that was offered to me. It was a low point for me because it was one of those things, you look for the big two WWF and WCW. I’d signed my contract in October, I was there the whole year per appearance. I signed my contract in October 2000 and within six months one of those big two was gone so it was back to the Indies for me.”

Check out the full interview here.

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