Chris Hero Comments On The Time He Yelled At Baron Corbin For Disrespecting Veterans


During the latest episode of his “Shoot Conversations” podcast, Chris Hero commented on his time on the WWE NXT brand and getting upset with Baron Corbin for disrespecting veterans. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Baron Corbin’s attitude in NXT: “He was brand new. Football Tom is Baron Corbin, he’s burned into my head forever as Football Tom. He speaks, ‘Yeah…okay,’ You might think he’s kind of bored when he talks. He doesn’t speak like, ‘Oh yes, okay.’ The new class that was starting that day, he’s like, ‘Yeah…they got this new girl,’ and he was talking about Sara [Amato]. I just remember that it happened and I was standing in McIntyre’s and I was like, ‘How dare you!’”

On Corbin disrespecting Sara Amato: “No, I heard at the time that he was told to play it up. ‘It’s okay. You want people…’ F*ck off, that’s terrible advice. Sara Del Ray had just come in at a tryout camp, the same one with Sasha Banks, Sami Zayn, Scott Dawson, and a bunch of them got hired. Sara got hired as a coach, so she came to Tampa to coach the girls. For him to go, ‘Oh yeah, some new girl.’ Maybe I’m embellishing.”

On his reaction to it: “I was like, ‘How dare you, f*cking do some research. You’re going to talk about one of your coaches that way? Get your sh*t in gear.’ ‘Oh, I’m sorry man, why are you so mad?’ We never had any kind of continued heat off of that, I just remember being like, ‘What’s this guy’s problem?’”

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