Chris Jericho Addresses WWE Suspension, WWE App, Rock


— The WWE app is currently listed among the top ten apps on the iTunes Charts.

— Chris Jericho spoke about his WWE suspension from earlier this year during an interview with Rock Cellar Magazine while discussing Fozzy’s latest CD and upcoming tour. Jericho said, “It was just something I did in the course of trying to entertain the fans, and it was something I shouldn’t have done within the laws of the country. So you live and learn. I love Brazil. I have no problems with Brazil. It is what it is, man. You know sometimes you do things like speeding too fast, and you get a speeding ticket. You pay your ticket, you get back in your car and you keep driving. It’s a different world – it’s not 20 years ago.”

— Here is the promo video for WWE’s WrestleMania 28 Rock vs. Cena special, which airs Saturday at 9 PM ET on NBC:

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