Chris Jericho’s Graphic Designer Updates Viral Countdown Clock; Could There Be AEW Implications?


Chris Jericho‘s graphic designer has been posting a countdown for an unknown happening on social media.

The clock is set to expire on February 1st and in recent iterations, has highlighted words like “empowerment,” and “justice.”

Now, a new update has been posted to social media and it’s part of a video with the words they’re here clearly audible and used as a caption for the post.

Many believed initially that this would lead to Chris Jericho debuting for AEW but since he’s already announced his signing with them, the doors wide open regulation on what this may be leading to. Should be worth noting that Kenny Omega is expected to reveal his fate around the same time as well.

You can view the post below, and be sure to tell us what you think this is leading to and the comments:

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