Chris Jericho Beats Up Intruder On Tour Bus, Fandango Rumored For Return


There is no arguing that Chris Jericho is one of the most iconic and innovative pro wrestlers of all time. He has evolved his style to match the changing times, and his character work has landed him jobs in the biggest promotions in the world. Apparently when Jericho is on tour with his band Fozzy, however, he doesn’t lose touch of his wrestling side. Dave Meltzer reported that a fan broke into the Fozzy tour bus and was “speared” and punched repeatedly by Jericho.

“He was in Regina Saskatchewan doing a show last night and after the show some messed up guy was back there wanting to get into the tour bus. I guess they don’t want him on and he ends up somehow sneaking on and one of the guys on the crew saw him and they got into a fight and the guy actually ended up with a broken collarbone because of the fight. Anyway, Jericho’s yelling at him so Jericho gives him a spear and he’s pounding on him from the mounted position — I think it was a mount, he was on top. So Jericho is on top of him and he’s punching him out and did it again and tries to tell the people — to not let him go. The people who were there watching this tried to hold the guy until the police arrived and then he got away and the police came and the police chased him and the police ended up catching him so they did end up arresting him after the guy ran away. So that is the gist of the story of what happened last night.”


Thankfully, Meltzer reported that Jericho was not injured in the altercation, and his IWGP Intercontinental Title match with on January 4th will still happen.

Secondly, fans of Fandango or The Fashion Police will be thrilled to know that Fandango is back at the Performance Center training in the ring. Last July he suffered an unfortunate shoulder injury and was given a 6-month recovery estimate. He is currently in month 5 so sources say he is right on track.

During Fandango’s recovery, Tyler Breeze made frequent appearances on NXT, but now that Fandango is back, we should be expecting more installments of “Fashion Files” in no time.

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