Chris Jericho & Brian Gewirtz Reveal How They Came Up With The Money In The Bank Concept


Chris Jericho and Brian Gewirtz both took to Twitter last night, commenting on how they came up with the concept for WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view event. Jericho said,

“True story!!! @bfg728 and I came up with that entire match concept. Well almost all of it…@VinceMcMahon insisted that the contract be in a briefcase.”

Gewirtz said,

“16 years ago this was originally conceived as a 1-time only “Hollywood Dream” match with RVD climbing a ladder, grabbing a contract & declaring his dream was to bring back ECW. I think we had potential “dreams” for everyone. Wish I remembered them. Anyway, happy & safe #MITB!”

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