Chris Jericho Claims He Told Vince McMahon About Signing With AEW Before Promotion Was Announced


Chris Jericho recently made an appearance on SiriusXM’s Busted Open this week where he spoke about signing with All Elite Wrestling as well as telling WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about his decision.

According to the future WWE Hall of Famer, McMahon was told about his decision before AEW was publicly announced as they had a private conversation beforehand.

“A lot of that stuff is private but I did have a very amicable conversation with him. He knew what I was doing, it wasn’t a surprise. I didn’t just show up in Jacksonville and that was it. The bottom line is the Khan family isn’t messing around. They want to make a go at this and you know they have a lot of money and they have a lot of capital.”

Regarding a potential TV deal for All Elite Wrestling, Jericho talked about it while dropping an interesting comment about Kenny Omega’s future. Omega has until January 31st to decide whether he wants to re-sign with NJPW.

“By me joining the company, I think fans and wrestlers most importantly go holy sh*t this is the real deal,” he explained. “If Jericho went there, this is real. Because a lot of people don’t know Kenny, or Cody, or the Bucks. We know them. But your average fan doesn’t.”

H/T to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet

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