Chris Jericho Comments On Jimmy Jacobs’ WWE Departure, Praises His Creative Work


As noted, Jimmy Jacobs is no longer employed by WWE. The infamous ‘Bullet Club invasion’ of Raw a few weeks ago was cited as the possible ‘straw that broke the camel’s back.’

Jacobs departed the company two weeks, but it’s unknown if he was released or not. What was confirmed is that there was a lot of heat on him for posting an Instagram photo of himself with Bullet Club members during the “invasion” at the Raw TV event in Ontario, California.

Although WWE has yet to issue any statements regarding Jacobs’ status, it has been noted that the sports entertainment company was much angrier with the ‘invasion’ and it possibly led to them sending a cease and desist order to the Young Bucks over their use of ‘Too Sweet’.

Chris Jericho says Jimmy Jacobs used risky judgment in posting a selfie of himself with The Bullet Club.

“Jimmy’s good, and if I was there I would’ve tried to help him out, but it’s not the smartest of moves,” Jericho told “If I work at McDonalds and post a picture of me hanging out with guys from Wendy’s and hashtag ‘Wendy’s is great,’ McDonalds might not be too happy about it.”

“I think Jimmy’s a smart guy and maybe wouldn’t surprise me if he knew something was going to happen,” Jericho said. “Maybe he was getting sick of it, I don’t know. I just know as soon as I saw that picture, I was just like ‘ooof,’ with the hashtag ‘#BCInvasion,’ you can’t do that man. I mean, you can’t. Was it a fireable offense? Well, it’s not my decision; obviously Vince thought it was, which tells me there was probably some other stuff going on and that was the final straw. ”

Jericho would go on to praise Jacobs for their collaboration on his creative work on WWE television in 2016.

“And I will say this, last year, 2016, Jimmy Jacobs was my co-writer on all of it,” he said. “All of it! And the weeks he wasn’t there I was like ‘Ah f—, I don’t like this, I want Jimmy.’ So he’s very talented, and he really got me. I worked with him a few times and I went to [head writer] Dave Kapoor, I want Scoville, which is his real name, Chris Scoville, on every Jericho promo. No one else. Because that’s how much I trusted his talent, his instincts.”

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