Chris Jericho Comments On Mark Henry Signing With AEW


Chris Jericho spoke about Mark Henry officially signing with AEW in the media scrum after AEW Double or Nothing. 

Here is what he had to say: 

“Super excited to have Mark in,” Jericho said. “Mark made a huge appearance tonight and you’re going to hear everything that he has to say on Friday. He has a lot to say, I know because he never stops talking to me! I think any time we can have a guy with the experience of Mark Henry, both in the ring and outside the ring, it just helps our company. That’s one of the things we need, we needed very much when we first started. It was basically me and Dustin Rhodes and Dean Malenko as the guys who had some actual decades of experience on live TV.

“Here we are a year and a half later and part of our guys and girls are still learning. So having a guy like Mark come in is the same as having a guy like Paul Wight come in. He can do anything behind the scenes, he can do anything in front of the scenes. He can talk. Maybe one day he’ll put on the kneepads and the boots and come out and wrestle again, I don’t know. Any time we can have someone like Mark, quality person and quality performer, it makes us a better company.”

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