Chris Jericho Comments On Stadium Stampede Match Controversy


On the recent edition of Chris Jericho’s “Saturday Night Special”, Jericho commented on the controversial “drowning” spot (for lack of a better word) that took place during the Stadium Stampede match at AEW’s Double or Nothing. The spot which showed members of The Inner Circle attempting to “drown” Matt Hardy in a pool was seen in poor taste by many across the IWC. This was less than a week from Shad Gaspard’s drowning death at a California beach. Reby Sky commented this spot was taken out of context and that Matt has same “drowning spot” for years.

Here is what Jericho had to say about the subject at hand.

“You know, what? There was — that backlash was not unnecessary. Of course, we’re talking about Shad Gaspard, I mentioned him. He passed away from drowning in the ocean. And there was the big chunk of Santana and Ortiz kind of ‘drowning’ Matt Hardy under the water as he changed his personas. None of us ever even thought about it. I never even thought about it once.”

Jericho followed up talking about the context of this spot, in general.

“Looking back on it, there’s a couple of things that were said they we shouldn’t have said., But the spot itself, I mean, Matt’s bee doing that for a long time. And it’s not like we maliciously set out to do anything disrespectful. Of course, anybody who knows anything about me would know that. So, something that [we] didn’t notice until after and in the future, obviously we should be more cognizant of it. But, I actually think that Shad would really appreciate that match ’cause he enjoy kind of those goofy sides of that sort of thing.”

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