Chris Jericho Continues To Mess w/ ‘Net Fans


Chris Jericho is tweeting numerous photoshopped images as well as photos from the past on his Twitter account. The latest tweet from him claims he’s on a mountain skiing today.

Beautiful day on the mountain!, he tweeted.

It should be noted that we can confirm Jericho is in Memphis, TN right now. Although we don’t have it 100% confirmed he’ll appear on RAW, we do know he’s in the city of Memphis.

Chris has also shot down any WWE return talk with numerous things like “recording an album”, “working on a Hollywood project”, and hanging out with a friend named “Speewee”. He also claimed last month that he’d be in Hawaii right now. Obviously, that is not the case. Several years ago he also posted a TNA graphic on his website when rumors were swirling that he was headed to TNA.

The moral of the story is – he likes to mess with ‘net fans and don’t take anything he says seriously.

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