Chris Jericho Explains the Booking Strategy of AEW Double Or Nothing


Chris Jericho is gearing up to be the anchoring legend of All Elite Wrestling.

When speaking to express in the UK, he detailed why their first show, Double Or Nothing on May 25, needs to start off with the Marquee matchups that they have booked such as Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega’s first encounter on American soil:

“That is a smart move, you don’t want to wait to build Jericho vs Omega II or Bucks vs Lucha Bros, there’s nothing to build.
“This is the build, you start off with your biggest matches and let people know what’s going on at this company that’s different from the rest of the companies because I think it’s pretty much more focused on the quality of the matches, on making sense on everything that we do.
“I think that’s one of the differences that you’re going to see right off the bat as to what kind of show we’re going to run and will set the tone for the company’s existence in this part.”
To read the full interview, click here.

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