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Chris Jericho Explains Why He Initially Didn’t Like Orange Cassidy’s Character


All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

His feud with Orange Cassidy and his first thoughts on the character:

I like the long-term storyline. And I think the reason why it may have taken a lot of people by surprise, is a lot of people didn’t really know what Orange was capable of, including Orange. I’ve had the opportunity to put him in some positions he’s never really been in before – cut a great promo during the debate, showing a lot of violence and fire and intensity.

But this all stems from the fact when I first saw Orange, I didn’t like him, I didn’t like his gimmick, and then I started understanding it and started realizing ‘This is genius’ and the reason why people like him is he’s very unique and original and that’s what the whole concept of getting over in wrestling is. And once I pulled my head out of my arse as you would say in Scotland and realized over is over and it doesn’t matter why he’s over, he just is.

Now that he is, let me just dissect this guy and figure out what makes people like him so much and what it is they haven’t seen from him, and 14 weeks later, we’ve created a legit main event drawing card for AEW which is one of the missions I sought out to do when I kind of had the idea to work with Orange in the first place.

The state of AEW’s TV ratings:

I think you just look at the results we’ve got, the ratings that we’ve been able to keep during the pandemic, and the demos. People think it’s a joke and obviously I’m milking it for all it’s worth with the ‘Demo God’ and everything, but it’s a real legit factor in that television networks are over the top overjoyed with the demos we’ve been able to accrue and the numbers we’ve been able to accrue in those very important groups.

And most importantly, our show every week – not every show is great, every show is good, more shows are great – but they all make sense 90 percent of the time, which is very rare in wrestling. At least for my stuff – everything always leads to the next part of the story. There’s no wasted moments in a Chris Jericho storyline. If somebody walks through the background, that’s because there’s gonna be a reason for that later on.

I think we’re very proud of the storylines we’ve created and the great moments we’ve created considering that I think probably we’ve had more time as a company during the pandemic with no people in the crowd than we did with people in the crowd. And the fact we’re able to still create new stars, create classic matches, classic moments, compelling storylines, fun – that’s the most important thing, we’re having fun with this – and that shows as well.

Creating the ‘Demo God’ catchphrase:

It’s funny because we’re not in competition, but of course you’re in competition, and there were a few weeks that went by where our competition was beating us in actual viewers. Yeah, of course you don’t want that. But they never beat us in the demo and to me, I wanted to show that kind of the naysayers who were saying ‘The AEW experiment is over’ it’s not over because if one company draws a million viewers and they only do 200,000 in this money-making demo and another company draws 500,000 viewers but draws 400,000 in that demo, we win.

So as a heel, I’m the one that can point that out. So I thought ‘OK, I’m gonna start arguing with the demos.’ I think it was the week Sasha Banks’ match beat mine. She didn’t beat mine because my demo crushed it. My demo still crushed Keith Lee’s match with Adam Cole, so I take great pride in that. So I started saying ‘Demo this, demo that.’ And of course being an old Dungeons and Dragons and heavy metal guy, we all know what demigods are and that was the Demo God.

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