Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho On EVIL, Comparisons To WWE, Rematch With Naito


IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Jericho talked about his feud with EVIL, the comparisons of EVIL to any WWE stars he has worked with before, and a rematch with Naito at Wrestle Kingdom 13. Here are the highlights:

EVIL: “I’ve never been in a match with EVIL before. I think the fact that the match was so great; the quality, the fighting spirit, the intensity, the strong style. I think EVIL was very good. He’s got a great character, a great gimmick and I really enjoyed working with him.

“I think it’s the best match EVIL has ever had – a classic match, a must-see match. That makes it 1 for him and 557 for me, which is just a result of the experience that I have in comparison to EVIL. I really enjoyed it.”

Comparisons of EVIL to any WWE stars he has worked with: “I don’t rate and think of performers that way, everyone is unique and different. If you say “Oh EVIL’s like this guy, or that guy” then it’s usually not a good thing. I think he’s got a great character. Obviously, it’s a little bit of an Undertaker theme, but it’s an original take on that. In the ring, I don’t know… it’s hard to compare…  He’s a very Strong-Style type of wrestler, but he’s fast.”

Rematching Naito at Wrestle Kingdom 13: “Why does Naito get a re-match? Why? What does he do? He beat Zack Sabre Jr. You know, ZSJ is a great technical wrestler, but I can break him in two like a branch. I beat Naito. I beat EVIL. To me, you don’t just get to have a re-match just because you say so. When I lost the WWE title to John Cena, I didn’t just come back the next day and say, “I want a re-match”, it doesn’t work that way.”

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