Chris Jericho On If TNA Can Turn Things Around, Matt Hardy’s Success In TNA, More


The Fight Network’s The LAW recently interviewed WWE Superstar Chris Jericho. Here are the highlights.

On if he thinks TNA can turn things around: “My heart, as a wrestler and as a fan, yes. The worst thing that can happen and I think even fans that do nothing but (expletive) about TNA would admit the worst thing that can happen would be for TNA to go out of business. I think for the boys and the whole industry it would not be good and the thing is, I was kind of looking forward to maybe a Billy Corgan taking over and giving it a fresh coat of paint and trying things a different way because I think that’s what they have to do. I was disappointed, I know Billy, I know Billy’s passion, I know how Billy is, he’s kind of like the reverse me. He’s the only other guy that I know that would legitimately – he made it huge in one industry and has really made a lot of inroads in a completely different industry because he has a passion for both, for music and wrestling. I wanted to see him take over. Sometimes, you have to gut everything. Look at what the UFC just did, the company bought it for 4 billion and just basically got rid of everybody that was in the system. That’s how big business works so I would have liked to see everybody get cleared out and start anew with the roster they have. It’s not going to happen so is it just more of the same, I don’t know but like I said to me the worst thing that could happen would be for them to go out of business, it’s just bad for everybody.”

On Matt Hardy’s success in TNA: “ I’m all about reinvention. I’m really proud of Matt for doing that because I think a couple years ago you probably thought Matt is a little bit washed up, he’s done and here he is the hottest guy on the show. It’s not getting old, the trick or treat thing they did the other day, Treat or Delete was awesome. What happens when you reinvent yourself and change your character is it’s a little bit of uncharted territory but once you start to figure out what makes that character tick and start figuring out what people are responding too and really fall into it, you could do no wrong. That’s something I have been doing over the last 5, 6 months with this character that I’m playing now in WWE and that’s the same with Matt in TNA, he can do anything he wants and he can get it over because people know what he’s up to. If I told Mike Bennett to make green beans the centrepiece of a promo, it might not work. With Matt Hardy, he’s thinking of stuff like that. People say Jericho got a potted plant over, a key, a clipboard, a scarf and that’s the kind of thing, give me anything you want and I’ll get it over because I know what this character is at this point. That’s a very rare thing, to really have no boundaries in what you’re doing as a performer. When you can kind of fix in to that gold, so to speak, people take notice and that’s kind of made TNA a cool thing. We were in the sumo arena this past July having a WWE show and I had Wi-Fi and we were all gathered around my computer to watch the Final Deletion. I’m talking the entire dressing room, John Cena, AJ Styles, everyone was trying to crowd around and watch it and I wouldn’t let anybody watch it if they didn’t see it from the start so we had 3 or 4 viewings of the damn thing and that’s before our show for a sold out crowd in Japan. When was the last time you heard anything involving TNA getting that kind of a buzz? I’m pulling for TNA, I have been from the start and hopefully they’re able to change things around and make it something viable once again.”

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