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NewsChris Jericho Once Again Says He's "Never Returning To WWE Full-Time", &...

Chris Jericho Once Again Says He’s “Never Returning To WWE Full-Time”, & More



As he’s said in the past, Chris Jericho has once again confirmed that he’ll never return to the WWE full time. In an interview with The Tampa Bay Times to promote a live event tonight, Y2J spoke about his various projects, including his returns to WWE. Here are highlights:

On if he’ll ever return full time to WWE: “No. I have so much other stuff going on that it would almost be a step backwards, performing-wise. The weekend shows are amazing, and I am always glad to be a part of it. But I couldn’t do it as a full-time thing a gain. My career as a full-time wrestler is long gone, for about the past four or five years now, really. I’ve been really fortunate, from the band to the podcast, and I’m out in Hollywood working, too, so the dream has kind of taken off.”

On why he likes doing live events: “It’s improv. It’s a little more fan interactive. With the TV shows, everything is meticulously timed. There is five minutes for this and 12 minutes for that. At the live show, you work until you’re done. You’re allowed to finish the match. The differences in TV and the live events are massive in some ways and small in others. True wrestling fans know there are pros and cons to both. There is more wrestling and less talking sometimes at the live events.”

On if he’ll be a part of any upcoming TV events: “I really don’t think so. The live events are always so stress-free. You can do whatever you want. They don’t have specific storylines you are beholden to. There’s a lot of TV that has to be perfectly timed to be watched by 5 million people. In the live event, it’s just for the people in the crowd. We stress the fun.”

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