Chris Jericho Reacts to Cody Rhodes’ Dynamite Promo, Talks WWE vs. AEW, & More


During a recent Bleacher Report AMA, Chris Jericho commented on Cody Rhodes’ AEW Dynamite promo, AEW vs. WWE, and more. You can check out some highlights from the Q&A below:

On criticism from wrestling fans: “The thing about wrestling fans is, they’re a lot like Kiss fans or Star Wars fans. They hate everything. But they still love everything. They’ll buy everything, they’ll be at the shows. They just have to complain. With social media….it just gives people a forum to be mad about everything … If you’re going to go into the world of social media you have to accept it when people call you the greatest thing ever but don’t take it seriously. And you have to accept it when they say you’re the worst piece of crap ever but don’t take it seriously.”

On Cody’s AEW Dynamite promo: “Cody Rhodes did a hell of a promo last night. He’s coming into his own for sure. MJF is a great promo. [Jon] Moxley is a great promo. Every week we’ll get more diverse as far as who gets a chance to speak.”

On feeling refreshed in AEW: “I thought I was done in 2005, then 2010, then ’15. It keeps getting better and better. If AEW didn’t exist, I don’t know how much more time I’d have. AEW to me has given me a whole new appreciation for what I do.”

On the atmosphere in AEW compared to WWE: “It’s just a lot less stress. WWE is a very stressful environment, a lot of walking on eggshells as things might get changed. It’s a lot more relaxed because we’re all kind of in charge of our own destinies. The creative freedom that we have is off the charts. When you come to AEW it’s like going from black-and-white to living in color.”

On whether he prefers his suit and tie WWE gimmick from 2007 or his List of Jericho gimmick: “Hard to say because they were both great but I’d probably go with the suit and tie heel run because I ended up being the world champion two or three times. One is a 9.9 and [the other] is 9.999.”

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