Chris Jericho Reacts To The Launch Of His Podcast


Chris Jericho recently spoke about his Talk is Jericho podcast. Here are the

“It’s something that I’ve always loved to do, I had a radio show for
a while but the podcast started back in December. This week is our 50th episode
which is really cool, and I mean I just really love doing it. It’s so versatile
and diverse, you know? It’s not a wrestling podcast, it’s not a music podcast,
it’s just whatever I find interesting. If I have the opportunity to talk to
someone, I’ll do that. Just like with the Snooki episode I loved it and she was
great but there were so many people saying “I’ll never listen to this because
Snooki’s on it!” and I’m just like, “shut up!” (laughs). If I’m doing it and I’m
the host then trust me that every guest is going to be good in one way or
another because if they weren’t then guess what? I wouldn’t have them on. That’s
part of having a big fan base, people are always going to question things that
you do. There can be nine people that love it and one person that absolutely
hates it and that’s okay, it’s good to have an opinion. I love doing the
podcast, I love being in the band and if you dig Chris Jericho then you’ll dig
the projects that I’m doing including every episode of my podcast. It’s always a
blast seeing who I can get on my show and seeing how people react. Obviously
some shows do better than others but at this point they’re all doing pretty
good, so it’s really gratifying.”

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