Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy
Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy

Chris Jericho Responds to a Troll Fan Over Blood & Guts Match, Bea Priestley Turns 24


When a fan tried to troll Chris Jericho about AEW’s Blood & Guts match being postponed (for now), he didn’t take kindly to it. Of course, Tony Khan said last week that “the time and circumstances aren’t right for the card we had planned next week.”

The fan told Jericho that AEW “needs to come straight out” and explain why the match really wasn’t happening. Jericho said,

First off, pull your head out of your ass and realize these are crazy times. Secondly, we aren’t allowed to gather more than ten people together at a time. B&G has 11 inside the cage and that’s with no camera men or crew.

AEW star Bea Priestley turned 24 years old on Sunday. AEW sent out the following tweet, wishing her a Happy Birthday:

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