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Chris Jericho Reveals His Initial Reaction To Eddie Kingston, More



AEW wrestler Chris Jericho recently took to his podcast, “Talk Is Jericho,” to discuss several professional wrestling topics, including his initial thoughts on Eddie Kingston when he first joined All Elite Wrestling.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On working with Kingston:

“I thought, ‘Well I’d like to — same thing as I had with Cody [Rhodes] and Mox, and Orange [Cassidy], and with Max [MJF], I want to work with Eddie Kingston. This guy is great.’ I’d never heard of him.

It’s a well-told story, when Cody first brought him in, I thought it was Eddie Edwards that he was bringing in. I didn’t know who Eddie Kingston was. ‘Eddie Kingston, is that Eddie Edwards?’ It’s like, ‘No, it’s Eddie Kingston.’ ‘Well, which guy is that, who is this?’

And so he walked in there and just looking at him, I was like, ‘Ugh, this guy looks like a jobber.’ Like, ‘Who is this guy,’ you know? And then I watched his match, and it was good, but then he did a promo. And I was like, ‘Holy s**t! This guy’s f**king great! Where’s this guy been for 25 years of my wrestling career? Why do I not know this guy?'”

On telling Kingston he’d be a big babyface in AEW:

“So I kind of watched his stuff, and I told him, ‘You are gonna be a huge babyface in this company.’ [He said] ‘No, I’m not a–‘ I said, ‘You’re a babyface, trust me.'”

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