Chris Jericho Reveals New Finisher Exclusive to AEW


In an effort to continually evolve his in-ring style and Persona, Chris Jericho has taken to social media to reveal a new finisher that will be exclusive to his career in All Elite Wrestling.

The move, which is an MMA-inspired spinning back elbow, will be called The Judas Effect. Chris Jericho has regularly been training in MMA gym in Tampa Florida with Josh Rafferty. Interestingly enough, in the video, he referred to it as Batista’s gym.

The way Chris Jericho spoke about the move, it seems like this could be a replacement for the Codebreaker or perhaps even the Walls of Jericho. If this maneuver is not a replacement for anything already in his Arsenal, then this will be the fourth move that Chris Jericho has that can finish a match.

Check out the full reveal of this new move below:

What do you think about this move? Should it stay or do you think it should be replaced immediately? Sound off in the comments below.

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