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Chris Jericho Reveals Why He Calls The Undertaker ‘The Fonz’ Of WWE


We reported yesterday here on eWn that Chris Jericho and many others paid tribute to The Undertaker before his “final farewell” at Survivor Series. Jericho posted the following video to, revealing why he calls The Undertaker ‘the Fonz’ of WWE. He said,

“I just want to say a very heartfelt and appreciative Happy 30th Anniversary in the WWE to the Undertaker, or as I call him ‘The Fonz’. He’s the locker room leader. He’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met in my life. One of the funnest guys, super nice and obviously one of the greatest, if not the greatest character and performer in WWE history. So just nothing but appreciation, love and respect.

I could tell 100 stories about the Undertaker but my favorite is just the very first time I was ever in the ring with him, which is probably I think somewhere in Puerto Rico, it was me and Big Show vs him and I think maybe Great Khali or something like that. And you know, you see him on TV, you see the entrance. Ain’t nothing, nothing, like being in the ring when that Taco Bell bong hits and you feel the goosebumps when the organ starts and he walks down the ramp. One of the most intimidating, most committed characters and performers of all time. You feel it when The Undertaker gets into the ring. You feel it! It’s like electricity. We’ll never experience something like that ever again.

So much love and respect to Mark Calloway, Taker, Undertaker, The Fonz, The Madonna of the WWE, aka always changing his looks and gimmick like somebody else I know. Maybe you prefer the David Bowie of the WWE. But I can’t believe it, man. 30 years at the top of the WWE. We’ve never seen that before and we’ll never see that again. So much love and respect Mark. Thanks for being so cool over all these years.”

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