Chris Jericho’s Countdown Continues, JBL’s Weight Loss


The Royal Gazette in Bermuda has interviewed JBL about his Seven Summit quest. JBL noted that he has lost 35 pounds in preparation for the climbs. The plan is to climb three mountains this year, three in 2013, and aim for Mt. Everest in 2014. JBL had the following to say about his physical condition and the quest he is about to begin… “I don’t know if that’s realistic or not, I don’t know if it’s realistic that I make this first mountain to be honest with you. I’ve had four knee surgeries, a broken back and two herniated discs and I’m 45 years old and not exactly in optimal health to be climbing mountains. But we tell our kids they can do anything they want and I’m trying to do the same thing and lead by example.”

Chris Jericho continued his countdown from suspension today with the following post on Twitter… “I was 12 years old when I started my first band, The Amplifiers. Our song was called ‘Cop Shop.’ I still remember how it goes!”

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