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NewsChris Jericho Says He's Never Been "Just A Wrestler", Discusses Fozzy, &...

Chris Jericho Says He’s Never Been “Just A Wrestler”, Discusses Fozzy, & Lots More



Sporting News has written a story about Fozzy’s performance in Orlando, Florida. Here are some highlights of what Chris Jericho had to say.

On the popularity of Fozzy: “We’re a dangerous band now. You can put us on a stage with anybody. We toured with Metallica in Australia two years ago and everybody in-between pretty much. We’ve had to work twice as hard to get people’s respect and that’s OK because I’m in the band. Because it’s a wrestling thing or some kind of novelty, a celebrity going out there and pretending to be a rockstar. It’s never been that. It’s a real thing that we all feel.”

On being more than a wrestler: “I could post a picture of me and the Pope on Instagram and the first 500 comments would be, ‘When are you coming back to wrestling?’ I’ve never been just a wrestler because I realized early on that if I’m going to make it in this business I have to have the biggest personality, the biggest charisma, the biggest character. I have to be a performer, an entertainer. That’s the way I’ve always looked at myself.”

On Fozzy’s shows: “We are the show. We don’t have dragons flying from the ceiling. We don’t have pyro going off. We want to be Van Halen in 1979. Everybody has a great time on stage. Everybody is giving it their all. Everybody’s having fun and when you have fun, it translates back to the audience.”

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