Chris Jericho Speaks On Working Non-Stop, 2014 Goals, More


The following are highlights from a recent interview with former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho:

On working non-stop: “Well, it sure seems that way sometimes, especially with all the projects that I have. The one thing is when I’m home, I try and stay home and not work as much. Being on the road, it’s definitely more work-time in that case, but I really dig being on the road. I dig being busy and I dig creating. In this day and age it’s more about the brand rather than a certain thing. Whether it’s Chris Jericho’s in Fozzy or he’s a wrestler or he’s an author, he has a podcast – everything kind of falls into the Chris Jericho umbrella and that’s where you want to keep it, so I like being busy.”

On similarities between wrestling and playing shows: “There are a lot of similarities. Both are very high, intense forms of entertainment, both very contingent on the reactions you get from the crowd. And you know, I’ve got to be the party host, work people into a frenzy and make them get into it, whether it’s on stage or whether you’re in the ring. When I started wrestling, I wanted to be the Paul Stanley or the David Lee Roth of wrestling – the ultimate frontman. Then we started Fozzy, I took those qualities I was doing as Y2J that I’d stolen from Paul Stanley and David Lee Roth in the first place, so it’s all very similar. You’re just being a frontman, and the frontman’s job is to get the crowd into the show and dictate the ebb and flow . That’s what I do with Fozzy and the WWE.”

On what the next 12 months look like: “F*ck, I don’t know about the next 12 months, only the next two. I started a podcast which is a big hit right off the bat and the first episode did really well, so that’s kind of a priority. Doing this Fozzy record is a priority and finishing this third book is a priority, so I’ve got all those things rolling right now.”

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