Chris Jericho Speaks Out – His WWE Future, Return & More



Chris Jericho recently spoke about his WWE return, his future with the company and more. Here are the highlights…

On the “Robot Combat League”: “The thing about the show is that when you hear about the idea you think, ‘Yeah, this seems kind of cool,’ then you really see it like when I first saw how these robots move, how big they really are and fast they punch, it really blew my mind. It was really just something that sounded interesting in theory, but I wasn’t too sure how good it could. Then on the first day I was on set one of the robots came walking toward me, if it hadn’t had stopped, I would have ran away. That’s how intimidating it was. It’s like the scene in ‘Terminator’ when they’re walking on the human skulls of the future. That’s what it kind of reminded me of. This could be the first step of robots taking over the entire universe, and when it happens in 10 to 15 years, you can say you saw it on the SyFy channel.”

On his return to WWE: “Nobody knew, that’s why it was such a surprise. It’s something that rarely happens nowadays because it always gets leaked online or to one of the sheets or whatever. So I really kept it under wraps and didn’t tell anybody. It was kind of decided on back in November. I was really impressed that we were able to pull of that surprise. That is why people went bananas for it because it was legitimate surprise like when we were kids. I thought it was really, really cool that we are still able to do that.”

On his future with WWE: “I have been feeling great. I feel like all the matches that I’ve been having are the best matches on the show or close to it. This is especially true the last couple of weeks working with guys like Daniel Bryan. I really like doing other things too. That is probably going to be my career from now on. I will keep coming back as long as I feel I’m still working at the highest level that I can. It won’t be for two years, but if I come back to two or so months at a time. Then I can do that, then it gives me the opportunity to do the other projects I have going on as well.”

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