Chris Jericho Speaks Out – WWE Return, Final WWE Run?


Chris Jericho was interviewed for this month’s WWE Magazine, here are the highlights…

On His Return: “I had no intention of coming back. I was happy doing what I was doing,” Jericho said before entering storyline/character mode. “But when I saw C.M. Punk performing all of my stuff, it inspired me to return and remind everyone just what’s going on.”

On Getting In Shape: “I really kind of changed my whole training regime and diet,” Jericho said. “I made a lot (of) overall changes, lost a lot of weight. And when you’re physically sharper, that makes you mentally sharper as well.”

Will This Be His Final WWE Run?: “Why would it be the end? I outclass everyone in the company. It’ll be the end when I decide it’s the end. I might leave and then come back. Listen: When you get to this level, you don’t have to play by the rules anymore. When I can’t compete at a top level anymore, then I won’t come back.”

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