Chris Jericho Stirs The AEW Pot; Star Attends NFL Game Courtesy Of Khan Family


All Elite Wrestling is the hottest story of 2019 and the New Year’s ball hasn’t even dropped yet.

With many intriguing trademarks filed and endless teases from The Elite on their web show, fans are ready to find out what this AEW announcement really is.

Now, a new interesting wrinkle has been thrown into the mix. The Khan family are widely believed to be the financial backing of whatever this new venture is, and Chris Jericho just posted on Instagram that he is at the Minnesota Vikings game courtesy of Tony Khan. Interesting to note that the initial rumor of what is now AEW was that Chris Jericho and Jim Ross would be getting a promotion with the Khan family.

Whatever this is, here’s hoping that it’s as big as we are all expecting it to be. Check out Chris Jericho’s Instagram post below:


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