Chris Jericho Talks PAC vs. Omega Getting Cut for Time, Headlining ALL OUT


On the latest episode of Chris Jericho’s podcast, Y2J discusses the controversy online about what match should have headlined this past Saturday’s pay-per-view and why one of the major selling points for the event was cut short for time:

(H/T: Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Chris Jericho on his match going on last at AEW ALL Out

“There’s been some debates that ‘Well you should have put the ladder match on last cause you can’t follow it. I disagree. The World Title match is The World Title match and that’s why you put guys in there that can have a World Title match. Now before I get into the kind of the mechanics of this, I was watching a match that Steve Austin sent me (yes, Steve Austin and I are still very good friends. He’s allowed to be friends with me.) It was Harley Race vs. Terry Funk, 1977 Houston for the NWA Title, best two out of three falls. They went 45 minutes, they didn’t do anything, but it was one of the best matches I’ve seen. It was a true World Title match. What is a true World Title match? A true World Title match should have a story, it should have intensity, it should have some viciousness and it should be completely between two men that are fighting for the biggest prize in the sport. And if you can’t put that on last, then you shouldn’t be a champion. If you can’t put that on last, then you shouldn’t have a World Title because any single person that is in that business, any single performer in AEW, male or female, their goal should be to be the champion…”

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Chris Jericho talks PAC vs. Kenny Omega being cut short:

“I didn’t see the match but I could hear it and afterward, both Kenny and PAC were mad because I guess their match went too long and they ran out of time and they had to cut out a bunch of stuff and they were not happy about it, and meanwhile, it’s like the best match of the show…”

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